Friday, January 6, 2012


I am going to resist the temptation to overstate my intentions and get sucked into the "New Year resolution" bubble. Emotions and my internal competition tend to overreach and dream about what this year will become. I reason...I serve a big God who has big plans for my life...SO, I am going to accomplish this and that. But as I am beginning to learn, God's big plans for my life take a life to accomplish and the journey IS the destination not the destination itself.

So, here is what I am praying about this year. God has put a missionary heart within Cessie and I and we want to discover what that looks like this next year. Not ready to pack for Africa yet, but we want to understand this call clearer.

KingMaker Ministries is still going and I am waiting..err...God is waiting on me to get the first edition of my book/ guide finished...this is the year to go public, to use the message of Family Discipleship to help Dads lead their children to spiritual maturity.

This summer I will begin to use my outdoor skills to teach teens and families Leave-No-Trace techniques and the use of 10 essentials for survival...I have a hunch on how its going to workout but following Jesus you never know for sure. Which makes following Christ so fun!

Will you pray with us?