Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Screwtape and Wormwood

I had over 32 hours of driving this past weekend and instead of hitting the shuffle button on my iPod as I usually do I was inspired to attempt the Audiobook button on my itunes...

I was on a mission to find a very compelling set of resources that would hold my attention as well as urge me on from glory to glory. Since this was a new endeavor I first began looking online and found some great self/spiritual help style books like "The Principle Of The Path" by Andy Stanley and "Radical" by David Platt...great reads..err hears. Very inspiring.

However the Christian Book store provided my best resource, C.S Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters" in dramatic audio. What a life changing compilation! It was perfect timing too. I was entering a weekend of spiritual warfare as the Wild At Heart conferences purport to be. The parallels draw from the book and the conference where eriely familiar.

What if you had a backrow seat into the schemes of your enemy? What if you knew his plan of attack and your own weakenesses from your enemy's perspective? I felt more prepared for the enemy's attacks and had my defences ready.

"The story of your life is the long sustained assault of your heart by the one who knows who you could be...and fears you."

The fact is there is an Enemy and he hates your guts! His greatest attack is to convince you that he doesn't exist all the while keeping your head in a fog about spirital things.

"All sophisticated people are persuaded that there is no hell or that other place" CS Lewis


Grandma Strickland said...

I read that book long ago and it really opened my eyes to spiritual warfare. But, as any AWANA leader will attest to, anytime you serve with children, the devil is going to make waves!