Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Discovery Pen Adventure

I am not much of a conspiritor but I believe with my whole heart that the Discovery Church pen is actually alive. The thought crossed my mind when it would show up in random places around the house like the basket in the bathroom (hiding in the Sudoku Puzzle book), or in the car, in all of my Bibles (it seems to jump from one to another), or what about swimming in the washing machine (WITHOUT Floaties, dangerous!)

Well my suspicions were confirmed when this seemingly innocent pen stowed away into one of our backpacks. See, some friends and I decided to go to the Shining Rock Wilderness in western NC. Over 5 hours away from home and over 1 mile above sea level this little bugger showed its purple little head. It decided to trapes across 15 miles of rugged wilderness and snuggle up with us in our tents at night.

We were a little freaked out at first but because of our Christian faith and compassionate hearts we decided to welcome this stranger as part of the crew. Now that the weekend is over we just can't imagine the adventure without our precious little purple pen.
Here are some of our most special moments...