Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Adventure

Kingmaker Ministries is now ONLINE! Check out the site and give some feedback. How does it look? Is it missing anything? Is everything clear and understandable?

My son, Caleb and I got back from the bluffs just outside of Bakersfield, Ca. We scrambled up a class 3 mountain side and perched ourselves on top of the highest ridge just west of the Kern River. From a distance the mountains have a greenish brown hue, but up close the hills sang with purple tall grass highlighted by wildflowers. The huge Sierra Nevada mountains were the back drop of this excursion and no car, no plane, or voice could be heard for miles. Just open country as far as the eye could see.

I shared with Caleb that its not everyday that a dad and son can get out like this. Many dads, in fact don't have time for such an excursion. However, I chose to be there right then. Yes, I had to keep stopping so he could get stuff out of his shoe and I had to carry his Batman backpack part of the way because it was too heavy. He wanted to go back a few times as he saw how high we were and how far the truck was, but we pressed on. We got to a place of quietness and closeness, he rarely stopped talking but the low hum of his 6 year old voice was over shadowed by wisping wind over the ridges. I could feel the pleasure of God at that moment when I crouched down to take a picture with my son. He is so curious, so imaginative, so unaware of an absent love. I am so grateful that I get to share a father's love with my son. I am so grateful that he will never have to question if he matters to anyone. He gets to walk through this life knowing his father loves him and that love is close, affectionate, and generous.