Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Internet Filter Software

Internet Filter Stuff

1.OpenDns Family Shield is free. But you need to know about internet router software to install it.

Click GET STARTED and select Family Shield for the free software directions

2. XXXChurch is a porn prevention ministry that helps adults and kids with porn addiction and experimentation.  One of the services offered is an accountability software that tracks all sites searched for the week and sends out a report with time, date to parents or accountability partners. $7 per month

iPad and Smartphone support as well.

3. Safe Eyes
Comprehensive software that blocks all questionable material. It is fully customizable and can have different users with different parameters.  I experienced a little bit of a lag in surfing capability because it uses a background filtering software but it certainly works well.  $39-$49 per year.

iPad and Smartphone support as well.

I hope this helps!

Homework Week 2 Q3

Question 3

Based on who they are (personality, strengths, gifts) what do you hope they accomplish or who do hope they become? What do you see them doing when they become adults?

Homework Week 2 Q2

          Question 2

 Are your teens trustworthy and earning freedom?  Do you spend enough time with them to keep them accountable?

Homework Week 2

Question 1:

 Describe a time when you were hurting as a teen? Who was there? How did you get through it?