Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Headin' for the Hills

Well tonight I leave for the mountains of North Carolina. We have been planning this trip since this summer. Everything is coming together, gas is cheaper and I got some cool gear that will make packing much lighter than last year. We will be hiking over 30 miles in 3 days carring about 25-30lbs on our backs. The total elevation gain as we go from peak to peak is over 5000 feet.
This is the perfect time of year because of all the autumn leaves and the cool weather. We will have a little rain Friday but overall it will be in the 20s in the evenings at the higher levels and low 60s during the refreshing!
The only problem is that I am sick; I got hit by the bug last night and have less than 24hours before we hit the trail...I got a sore throat and the pray for my health to come back. Sickness won't stop me but it will make it a lot easier to be well.
The exciting part is that this weekend, I will be able to use the program material I developed. The guys agreed to be my guinea pigs and I am grateful for their feed here we go, on another adventure!