Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camping Trip

We are ready for our trip

On the trail

Reached the Summit...900 feet above sea level...we hiked 5 miles and well over 600ft elevation gain. I only had to carry Caleb 2wice
notice: "Created By God" and State Park on the same plaque...

The only thing between us and the Black Bear that night

Conquerers of the Wilderness....Wild Men!

Caleb setting up Camp: Nite 2

Mmmmm....Chili Mac and Hot Cocoa

Good Ole' Sleepin Buddies
Pic just before the huge mess of Mallow.

They weren't bears this time.

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I excuses...I gotta post more and that is that!

6 weeks is just too much time not to post. God is doing things and I just have to hatchet out the time to update this page. You can have full permission to email me a scathing rebuke. I am getting more discipline about these things, just not 'this' thing.

Examples if self discipline recently:

1.I recently lost more than 20 pounds...down to a slim 215. No fad diets just eating right.

2.While as a 'stay at home' dad, I did all the house chores, dinner, laundry, kid taxi service...etc. (knowing me, this is a big deal...typically the longer i stay somewhere the messier things have a clean house on my watch is kind of a breakthrough...just ask my wife after I cook a big meal.)

3.Consistency with the kids...Cessie tells me that I am good at this, so you will have to ask her...I think that I am just a meanie sometimes but Cessie likes my style...hopefully the kids will turn out OK.

Where I need improvement...

1. My regular DAILY devotion time...I want to do better. Maybe I am lazy or maybe I am still dealing with some rebellion issues associated with "a certain denomination" that made daily devotion equal to 'true' salvation.
I am not where I want to be (MY responsibility)and I miss time with God that I can never get those great conversations on the boat with grandpa.

2. My Administration and paperwork skills...I am a very focused person, the trouble is that I never focus long enough on this area. I admittedly live moment to moment and am great at capitalizing on opportunities. Its those daily, consistant, administrative exercises (logging payments, filing paperwork, tracking numbers and trends) I get distracted and just need to focus more on the weekly duties. Like it or not, I am the president of a company, I got to get on the ball and stop working from behind and get ahead of the paperwork and stay there.

3. My wife and date nights...we used to have one every friday (rain or shine)...since moving to Greenville we have not had one for 4 months. Mostly because I wont call others and ask for Babysitting... partly because I dont know people that well around here to inconvenience them with our kids and the other part is it takes planning, 2 weeks to be nice and at least 1 week notice to be fair. I certainly love my wife and she deserves it and as the husband I must take the initiative on this.

4.Updating my blog, facebook, and is a shame that God is doing so many cool things and you don't get the privilege of celebrating them/Him with us.

If you want to help in any of these areas...well, I probably won't call you back anyway ;) Just Kidding! Any tips, techniques?

Wow, this post was kind of therapeutic!