Monday, February 22, 2010

King David's Training

David grew up in a classic Jewish home; Kind of like guys who have been going to church their whole life. David couldn’t remember a time when God was not a big part of his family and his life.

He was the youngest son of 8 boys and God had an extraordinary plan for his life. He was going to be King! OK, this kid is like 11-13 years old, he was a sheepherder and was destined to stay a sheepherder the rest of his life. But God looked past the outside and into the heart of David. There was something about him that no one else saw except God.

So from the day he was chosen (secretly) to become the next king, God began to prepare him. God first got him a gig working under the current king. He was the king’s armor carrier and part-time guitarist (while still taking care of his dad’s Sheep). God’s Spirit was with David guiding him the whole way.

What is the best way to learn how to be a king? Hang out with kings! That is exactly the preparation he needed for the plans God had for him. Being an Armor Carrier and guitarist, he had access to military and Government strategies.

He learned by listening and watching. David spent long hours nurturing his relationship with God (in the fields with the sheep) and gaining wisdom behind the scenes in the King’s court. Remember he was barely a teenager and had a firm grasp on his future and worked hard taking care of his responsibilities.

After a few years of training God had a test for him. He had to face a Giant, Goliath. You probably know the story. The greatest moment in the battle was when Goliath basically called God a “Punk” and told the Israelites that he and his people were going to enslave all of the Jews and wipe out any belief in God. The people of Israel were terrified, including the king. When David arrived to see everyone so afraid he was actually confused. David took his relationship with God seriously and during those training years God showed him that the promises of the Bible were true and for him, especially when someone calls God a punk and tries to invade.

How could this now 15-18 year old be so sure that God would give him victory over the Giant? Because God prepared him for the battle by facing Bears and Lions while he was a Sheepherder. David faced this Giant, Goliath, alone and he defeated him without getting a scratch. He even cut the Giants head off and brought it to the King!

This victory was the catalyst for a long and successful reign as King of the most powerful kingdom on earth. His preparation, as a Shepherd and in the king’s court, set the stage for his success. He had many obstacles to overcome after this: dodging spears, watching his best friend die so he could live, being chased by armies, living in caves and many other exploits, but one thing never changed...HIS HEART TO FOLLOW GOD. God is preparing the same heart in you!