Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today it begins!

Ok this is last years picture, but today I am leaving for Oregon. This time I will be flying into Seattle to visit family for a couple of days and pick up a vehicle that my uncle has graciously allowed us to borrow. (Thanks Uncle Scott!)
I will be ministering to thousands of Boy Scouts at a Camp just 10 mile east of Mt. Hood. We will enjoy an awesome staff of teenagers and scouts age 12-18. This is an equestrian facility, so horse back riding and gun shooting will be a normal part of our schedule. Oh yeah, and a huge lake is on the property with 60 degree water. Brrrrr!
Getting here was amazing, as usual. 4 weeks ago we bought our plane tickets on faith, without knowing where the money was coming from. Well through 6 or 7 crazy circumstances, (not one circumstance was linked with another) sums of money began to arrive from various places. Someone sold some furniture, people sent checks from out of state, even some classmates from my High School reunion gave an awesome gift. All in all the tickets are covered. Thanks everyone!
Oh, by the way, our house got rented for the next 2 years also. 10 months into this process, God brought the perfect family to use our house. What a relief!
Can you feel the momentum picking up? I certainly can. Some big things are on the horizon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

KingMaker Update

Oregon Trip

God gave me the opportunity to go back to Oregon this summer. If you are not sure what I am talking about, I will be a Chaplain for the Boy Scouts of America again this summer. I will be ministering to about 3000 scouts and scoutmasters at a Camp at the base of Mount Hood, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is in desperate need for Godly leadership, so much so that they are flying me in from Florida. It was an awesome Adventure last year, so when they called this year I had to say yes.

I don't know what I was thinking, but I actually began planning like I was going by myself for the 7 weeks. Yeah, thinking about being away from the family for that long was a little nerve wracking but because of Cessie's school test in July and the cost of tickets, it just didn't look possible for us to go together. Well...

Cessie was able to take her Elementary Education test early (and passed, yeah!) and some very unexpected money has come our way to buy one of the 3 plane tickets we need to get the rest of the family to Oregon. We are only 2 tickets short, about $1000 for both. Someone has graciously let us borrow their truck while we are there, so everything is coming together.

We are asking for some huge prayer support while we're gone. and if God moves in your heart to give to offset the cost of these tickets, please obey him. We are going in faith, and i have been working some side jobs to help us get through the summer.

Send tax free gifts to our Address: 716 Caliente Dr. Brandon, FL 33511

Make checks payable to: Global Reach Foundation

Keep praying:
For our house to sell or get rented...had some great contacts lately
Travel safety, We leave June 26th and return early August.
2Tickets and travel expenses totalling $1500.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Computer Geek

Yeah it has been a little while...It is all because of Claude Cannon and his Assembly business. I worked with him while in college, 8 years ago. I put gas grills and wheelbarrows together, it is something that makes some money but I hate it. I am not cut-out for that kind of work. Needless to say it has kept me off-line for awhile. But this is my last week...yeah!

OK now that that its off my chest the real blog follows:
I really gotta pat myself on the back for my internet page editing prowess. I am not as computer savy as Jason or Claude, but I just successfully linked my (this) blog to my Kingmaker website.

I used Iframe, which I had no idea existed until about an hour ago. It essenitally opens a window on my website to peer through and control the blog site. A pretty nifty thing if I say so myself.

Check it out (here).

My next project is to learn how to copy and post a screenshot onto my blog. Any hints?